Ray ban RB4195 Silver Mirror WAYFARER LITEFORCE Blue Black

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Frame Color:Blue-Black

Frame Material:Liteforce

A member of the Tech Sunglasses Collection, Wayfarer Literforce sunglasses resemble an outstanding combination of innovative material and the unmistakable iconic Wayfarer design. Wayfarer Liteforce RB4195 sunglasses are constructed from a new high-performance thermoplastic, used in various high-tech industries including aerospace, automotive and medical technology. The first of its kind in the eyewear history, this cutting-edge material provides superior lightness, durability, flexibility and comfort. The unique construction of the Wayfarer Liteforce allows for the same look and thickness of the Wayfarer Classic but with extreme lightness. These sunglasses come in a variety of vibrant frame colors including bright green, blue and violet, as well as traditional frame colors such as black and brown.


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