Ray ban RB4202 Brown Gradient ANDY Brown

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Frame Color:Brown

Frame Material:Nylon

Adding a fresh twist to the Wayfarer family, Ray-Ban Andy joins the Highstreet Collection. Inspired by the iconic style, Andy RB4202 brings fresh frame colors, stunning mirrored lenses and a unique rubberized frame finish to your look. With frame color options such as violet, turquoise, black and blue, these cutting-edge sunglasses will not only bring excitement to your life, but will also add some edge to your style. Prepare to be the next fashion statement amongst your peers with the iconic Ray-Ban Andy, becoming unforgettable with these bold and fun frame colors.

5 reviews for Ray ban RB4202 Brown Gradient ANDY Brown

  1. Edward

    It’s a nice alternative to my classic Ray Bans.

  2. Sebastian

    These glasses match the quality of Ray Ban any current owner would expect. The joints move well and smoothly, and the quality of the frames is impossible to ignore. These just feel different – which make it much easier to spend the money when you’re getting a quality product. They fit well. And are snug when moving your head around. Fine for walking around, running, or even bending over to look down. They stayed on just perfectly.

  3. Giles

    Ray-Ban Justin sunglasses is one of the coolest looks of Ray-Ban. Choose these sunglasses if you want to add some edge to your style, you will never go wrong having these sunglasses!!

  4. Harvey

    These are very lightweight and have a slightly rubberized feel to them. They fit great and the polarized lenses are fantastic when it comes to cutting down glare. I recently wore these for several hours every day for 2.5 weeks straight while on vacation and loved them. Highly recommended.

  5. Augustus

    The glasses them self are very comfortable and look to be hard wearing. Happy with my purchase.

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