Ray ban RB4202 Gold Mirror ANDY Purple Reddish

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replica Raybans ANDY

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Frame Color:Purple-Reddish

Frame Material:Nylon

Adding a fresh twist to the Wayfarer family, Ray-Ban Andy joins the Highstreet Collection. Inspired by the iconic style, Andy RB4202 brings fresh frame colors, stunning mirrored lenses and a unique rubberized frame finish to your look. With frame color options such as violet, turquoise, black and blue, these cutting-edge sunglasses will not only bring excitement to your life, but will also add some edge to your style. Prepare to be the next fashion statement amongst your peers with the iconic Ray-Ban Andy, becoming unforgettable with these bold and fun frame colors.

5 reviews for Ray ban RB4202 Gold Mirror ANDY Purple Reddish

  1. William

    Hi! I bought it here and paid for it. How long does Ray Ban RB4202 look like?

  2. Caleb

    This is my first adventure in the luxury Ray Ban world. For my birthday, I have a little enjoyment. Ray ban RB4202 is very beautiful and feels good.

  3. Collin

    The owner is easy to contact and communicate with him. Great glasses This is beautiful, I like it! Ray ban RB4202 This is my fantasy defender. Very satisfied with the purchase.

  4. Proe

    The glasses are very beautiful, the glass lenses, the gold of the legs is very beautiful.

  5. Henry

    The glasses look great, the shading effect is very good, I like it very much.

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