Ray ban RB4202 Green Classic ANDY Black

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fake Raybans ANDY

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Frame Color:Black

Frame Material:Nylon

Adding a fresh twist to the Wayfarer family, Ray-Ban Andy joins the Highstreet Collection. Inspired by the iconic style, Andy RB4202 brings fresh frame colors, stunning mirrored lenses and a unique rubberized frame finish to your look. With frame color options such as violet, turquoise, black and blue, these cutting-edge sunglasses will not only bring excitement to your life, but will also add some edge to your style. Prepare to be the next fashion statement amongst your peers with the iconic Ray-Ban Andy, becoming unforgettable with these bold and fun frame colors.

7 reviews for Ray ban RB4202 Green Classic ANDY Black

  1. Melvyn

    Best sunglasses ever made. I have the classic and the new wayfarer. These are my go to sunglasses. Dress them up or wear them to the beach. Wear them to work or wear them on a date. Amazing sunglasses. The polarization on these is phenomenal. I have extreme light sensitivity due to an underlying eye issue and I can’t live without these sunglasses. Hands down buy without hesitation.

  2. Absolom

    These are my first brand name sunglasses and they make a world of difference. I am female and got them. They say unisex but the box said men’s when they came but I don’t feel like they look masculin. I just wanted a classic pair of sunglasses that would last me years and I’m very happy with the choice. The clarity is amazing and they fit perfectly.

  3. Donald

    I’ve only had thesee a couple weeks, but I really love them. They are small enough that they don’t look huge on my face. I only wear polarized lenses, and I like these.

  4. Solomon

    A creature of habit especially when that habit is warranted I have RayBan Wayfarer frames for my Rx Sunglasses and now for my regular sunglasses. These frames are so comfortable I can wear them all day for hiking without my ears or nose getting tender or sensitive. The only thing that would make these better would be darker polarized lenses which are available at a higher price. These are authentic RayBans at a great price.

  5. Howard

    The cool factor is obvious whenever you put on a pair of Ray-Ban. These two factors provide an “ultra cool” effect while offering excellent eye protection.

  6. Piers

    Yes, I like it very much, recommend it to my friends, they also bought it, I really like it.

  7. Frederick

    These sunglasses are very fashionable and I like them very much.

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