Ray ban RB4237 Copper Flash ROUND LITEFORCE Tortoise

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replica Raybans ROUND LITEFORCE

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Frame Color:Tortoise

Frame Material:Liteforce

The future is here and it looks cooler than ever with the new Tech Liteforce style. Made from a unique thermoplastic biomaterial forged in extreme heat, Liteforce boasts unprecedented lightness and strength. It’s the first of its kind in eyewear history. Born from the same advanced properties that are used in modern space-age technology and medical implants, these high-tech glasses are both ultra-comfortable and flexible. The Liteforce RB4237 combines top quality materials with style and offers a wide range of stylish lens including: classic, gradient, mirror lenses, and also comes in a polarized version providing perfect glare-free vision. These fine shaped temples offer a laser engraved Ray-Ban logo on the metal injected molded hinges and iconic rivets. The Liteforce turns high-tech into high style.


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